All Star Excerpt
Book 9 :: Heroes of Henderson Series
   “Have dinner with me,” he pressed, working hard to stay where he was so she wouldn’t back into anything else.
   With eyes frantically looking between him and the two girls behind him, she said, “Ah … I can’t. I have a boyfriend.”
   Jagger folded his arms over his chest while allowing his gaze to drift down her body, giving her a very leisurely, very suggestive once-over. He licked his lips. “I bet a woman like you could use two.”
   Behind him, Scarlett burst out laughing. “Only Jagger Yates would say that.”
   “Right?” he said, twisting and grinning at Scarlett. “My band may be taking a sabbatical. Doesn’t mean I’m not still me.” He turned his attention back to McKenna. “So what about it? Dinner?”
   “I told you. I have a boyfriend.”
   Jagger shook his head. “Not a deterrent. Dinner?” When McKenna just stared at him open mouthed, he asked, “Do you live here?” When she didn’t answer, he twisted around to Scarlett and Laidey. “Does she live here?”
   “Yes, she lives here.”
   “Scarlett,” McKenna scolded.
   “Well, you do,” she told McKenna before she turned to Jagger and enlightened him further. “She’s a reporter for the Henderson Daily. Interviewed every other band who cut a record with Cal Johnson. I thought it was curious when she was a no-show for the Cavaliers. I’m assuming you two have prior history?”
   Without losing the staring contest he was presently engaged in with literally the girl of his dreams, he responded, “You could say that.”
   McKenna pulled her hands out of her pockets and let them drop in exasperation. “We had a conversation after one of his concerts.”
   “We had a conversation after the third concert where I noticed you in the crowd,” he clarified. “After the third time you were in the pit, right up front, and had your eyes locked on me.”
   “I beg your pardon.”
   “Locked. On. Me.”
   “They were not.”
   “They so were.”
   She cocked her head and gave him a contrite smile. “I was trying to look past you. I have a crush on the drummer.”
   She sputtered a short laugh and gave him a grin. A real one. Hell if he couldn’t help grinning back. This wasn’t the first moment they’d shared, but it was probably the best.
   So far.







“I love love love this book!! These stories just keep getting better. I keep thinking you can’t possibly top the last one and you absolutely do. I’m hooked!! Can’t wait for the next one. Keep up the great work. I want to go to Henderson and join the team myself!”: ~ Mary H Forever Fan


All Star Excerpt

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