Best advice for a new author?

Get a critique partner or two who write better than you do. Then listen to what they say. Once you love your book and they love your book, pay the big bucks to have your story edited by someone [...]

How long have you been writing?

For years and years on and off. My first novel was 200,000 words! And OMG, I went back to read it last summer and bored myself to death. Luckily many conferences and workshops through the [...]

Did you study writing in college?

Nope. I wish I had known I wanted to write books while I was still in college. I was a psychology major because people and their relationships fascinate me. (Not a bad thing to study for a [...]

How do you think of this stuff?

I have no idea. Truly. Generally I start with “a beginning” in mind and have an idea of the “black moment.” But the magic happens when I sit in the chair and start to write. I think I’m going in [...]