“Finally Summer”

It wasn’t as if Elise didn’t feel the undercurrent of Jesse’s irritation. But he was in college and she was in the throes of prom season. So unless he was willing to take the train from Princeton and be her prom date, a girl had to do what a girl had to do. 

She accepted three invitations to the boys’ prep school proms and asked one of her best guy friends to take her to her own. Jay Snouffer could dance and knew her crowd well. He’d be a poor replacement for Jesse but it was what it was. 

Telling Jesse about her decision landed her in hot water, she could tell, but he never came out and asked her not to go through with her plan. She figured Princeton’s undefeated lacrosse season was the ultimate soothing balm because now he was looking forward to the playoffs and a possible NCAA championship. It was a big deal for Princeton. It was a big deal for him because his defensive skills had earned him a starting spot midseason, which had Elise streaming all the rest of his games. 

The fact that summer was right around the corner and that they’d both be camp counselors this year was probably the most compelling reason why he chose not to give her a hard time. 

What Jesse was unaware of (thank goodness) is that Elise had decided to conduct an experiment during prom season. Were the sparks that Jesse James lit up inside her unique to Jesse, or could —say—any random prom date also light her up? 

She wasn’t necessarily proud of the extent of her research on the subject, but it did serve to cement her feelings for Jesse James and her desire to be his. In fact, she planned to put the full court press into effect from the first moment her family moved back into the Forest. 



Jesse knew his parents were not at all happy with him being a counselor one last summer. They felt it was high time for him to take on an internship and set his sights on what was coming next. Although, since he had stellar grades and an even better lacrosse season, they did not press him too hard. It was at the end of a conversation about life and what came next that Jesse had the strong urge to tell his parents about his feelings for Elise. An urge, as it turns out, he should have followed. 

Babe,” he whispered between kisses the first time he got Elise alone. We’ve got to stop.” 

I don’t wanna stop,” Elise muttered against his lips. Lifting herself up so she could straddle his lap. 

The two of them were on his parents’ back porch making out on the couch. They had the house to themselves since his parents were out gallivanting with friends. It was early in the evening and Jesse was the only one of the James children living in the cottage this summer. All of his older siblings were well into their careers or at least working at a serious job in between college semesters. So when Jesse felt the exceedingly satisfying weight of Elise draped over his thighs, her sundress bunched up around her waist and her sweet silk-covered crotch nestled right up against the zipper of his shorts he figured, what the hell? He laid his girl out underneath him and planned to give the love of his life multiple orgasms without either one of them getting fully naked. 

His body was long and lanky compared to Elise’s compact one. Jesse kicked off his flip flops as he maneuvered himself down her body. The bodice of her sundress was easily pulled down to reveal perky breasts with large, sexy areoles and small, round nipples. It has been a long time since he’s had his mouth full of something so tantalizing so he spent a lot of time teasing her nipples and massaging the soft, fleshy parts of her breasts with his hands and his mouth, taking note of what got the biggest responses from Elise. 

At the same time, his lower body was snuggled in tight between her legs, and it didn’t take much for him to rock his zipper gently against her. And it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that was what drove Elise wild. 

I’m ready,” she breathed out in huffs of air that matched their rocking. 

Mmm,” he hummed, his brain and mouth filled with their own delights. 

I brought a condom,” she breathed out in huffs again. 

You brought a what?” The sexual haze he’d wrapped himself in was foggy, but he was pretty clear on what she had said. Still he had to look up into her face and make sure they were on the same page. 

I’m ready. I brought a condom,” she repeated with a beautiful smile and a few fingers raking through his hair. 

I’m … ah,” he really wasn’t expecting this to happen so fast. Elise. We’ve got all summer. You don’t have to rush anything.” 

Don’t you want to?” 

Of course I want to. More than anything I want to. But I had sort of hoped for around your birthday and even so had prepared myself that that might be too soon for you. I’m not interested in rushing you. Baby, I love you. I want this to be right for both of us. Perfect timing for both of us.” 


The shock on her face didn’t make sense to him. What?” 

So … you aren’t ready.” It was a statement. 

Oh! Ah.” Jesse’s brows drew together. Then his lips rounded together and he bit against them trying to hold back a laugh. Baby. I am more than ready. But this isn’t about me. It’s about the both of us.” 

Your first time too, right?” She was all wide-eyed innocence. 

Yep. My first time too.” 

And you’re ready?” 

I am.” 

And I’m ready,” she insisted. 

Are you?” 

I am.” 

How do you know?” he queried. 

Because my heart beats frantically whenever I’m near you. I treasure your hands on my body. Your kisses take me to a dream-like place and … and …” 

Jesse nodded slowly, his heart hoping.Go ahead and say it.” 

And”—she took a breath and confessed everything on a sigh—“my boobs feel heavy and my lower body gets tingly and wet and it craves to be filled. I can’t explain why you turn me on so much. You just do. My body doesn’t react like this with anyone else. But just being in the same room—I’m wanting to put my hands all over you.” 

It wasn’t the confession of love he was anticipating, but her frankly spoken words lit up his balls and sprung his dick into action. Up until now he’d been focused on Elise. Her body, her needs. But now every bit of his consciousness was centered on his cock. 

He looked at his phone he’d placed on the table beside them but didn’t really see the time. Still he decided that now was good. That the timing couldn’t be more perfect. That he and Elise were starting this endless summer off with a bang. That he was getting his just reward for being a good boyfriend, for putting up with her fucking prom dates, for all the damn research on how to please a woman. And this would be one hell of a final summer before real life bit him in the ass. 

I love you,” he said. If you’re ready, I’m ready. Here, or …” He let his question trail off. If Elise had her own fantasy of how she wanted this to go, he was all for it. 

Here,” she said, glancing over at the forest just beyond the screens that held them from it. At the candles he’d lit that provided a soft bit of light within the gathering darkness. I think this is a perfect place to consecrate our summer love.” 

Jesse drew away from Elise, his eyes still holding on to hers. Then let’s make this happen.” He got to his own feet, then slowly pulled her up to stand next to him. 

He kissed her lips lightly as his hands went to the hem of her sundress. He pulled it up and over her head effortlessly. Yet his legs almost gave way as he stared at the sensual gift he’d uncovered. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen Elise’s body before. But never in this way. Never with this much anticipation. He let his gaze and his hands drift over her before turning her around and unfastening her bra. Then he went down to his knees as he tugged at her panties and watched her step out of them. Her ass had his attention as he stood and he rubbed his palms over those ripe mounds and gently squeezed before she turned around and splayed her own hands on his abdomen. She slid them up, pushing his T-shirt with them. He grabbed the back of the neck and pulled the whole thing over his head as her hands went to work on the fly of his shorts. He shook them off in a moment and sucked in a breath as Elise’s hand rubbed down the length of his covered erection, slowly and with an open palm. 

Baby. That feels amazing.” He rubbed her upper arms, letting her continue to stroke him until he careened into hyperdrive and pushed off his boxer briefs, stomping on them once they hit the floor. It’s up to you, this is your call, but it might be a better experience for you if you’re on top. That way you can … control things a little better and I can make sure you feel good.” 

I’m feeling a little nervous,” she admitted, her breath coming quicker as her eyes held on to his fully erect … body. 

His hand automatically went to his erection and stroked it. Not in a lascivious way but in a I-can’t-control-what-I’m-doing-at-this-moment way. He took a seat on the couch thinking she’d just straddle his lap again, but then realized he wanted to see as much of her as he possibly could within the candlelight. So he laid down, got himself in a comfortable position before grabbing her hand to guide her over him. Her knees straddled his hips. He sprang up to kiss those lips he loved so much before everything got away from him. 

Elise,” he whispered as he kissed her jaw and her neck. This is your show, baby. You want something, you take it. You need me to do something, just ask. Things need to stop, we stop.” He took a deep breath and blew it out over her shoulder before looking back into her eyes. This is all you.” His hands stroked her breasts then his tongue stroked her tongue. She leaned over him as he laid himself back down, their lips still kissing, their lower bodies rubbing against each other. 

She found the sweet spot fast. Her sweet nectar running over the length of him as she began to move. Jesse didn’t think he’d ever need more of that. The feel of her skin against his. Her sweet wet center gliding over his cock. Fuck,” he mumbled against her lips. Condom.” He didn’t trust himself not to blow and even though they weren’t technically having intercourse at the moment those little buggers were designed to swim. 

He swung a hand out to the table and felt around for the packet Elise had placed there. He tore it open with his teeth and then pulled the ring out. 

Want me to do it?” she asked, sitting up and taking it from him as he dropped the packaging to the floor.  

You know how? Leave a little room at the top.” 

Yep. Got it.” 

He watched her hands work, started breathing a little harder so he wouldn’t shoot too soon. The condom felt odd, but not bad and it didn’t take more than a moment to forget it was even there once Elise laid herself back down on top of him. Grabbing her hips he set her back in motion, moving against him, rubbing his gloved cock between her folds so she could cover it with the sweetest of juices. The scent of her made him crazy, kicking his heart rate up as well as his hips. 

You feel good?” he panted. 

Oh, God, yeah,” she breathed. 

Her forehead might have been against his shoulder and he couldn’t see her face, but he knew damn well she was dragging that luscious, sensual pearl of hers up and down his shaft so it was definitely being stimulated. They could both be happy coming like this. They didn’t have to go all the way. They didn’t have to— 

Unaware that his hand was reaching between them, he didn’t realize what he was doing until Elise pushed up, both hands on his chest, and he felt himself ease the tip inside of her. Holy shit that feels good,” he told her, eyes closing to embrace the sensation. 

The two of them held themselves still, savoring the experience, her practically upright, him flat on his back. 

Then Jesse began to move, and Elise followed. There was no moment of pain that he could tell. No sharp surge. He began to find it hard to concentrate on anything but his own pleasure. He struggled to go slowly. To allow Elise time to get used to the sensation. He bit down on his lip to remind himself that he was not alone here. That the woman he loved was making every one of his dreams come true, and he wanted it just as good for her as it was for himself. His research kicked in and he had his finger stroking her clit every time she rocked forward. The tiny squeak escaping her lips, the fact that her mouth fell open and her eyes drifted closed reassured him that he was doing his part. 

Come on, baby. This feels so damn good and I need you to get there before I do.” 

Yes,” she whispered, her motion not stopping. Her body flushed and beginning to perspire. Her tits bouncing with their rhythm. His free hand was all over her. Stroking her everywhere, while his thumb and forefinger of his other hand started to lightly pinch and pull on her clit. 

The tightening around his cock as Elise came was a sensation like none other. His world went hazy as bright lights shot out like sunbursts behind his eyes. He went deaf, dumb, and blind to the real world during the course of his orgasm and when his senses began to come to life, he found he was sitting up with his arms wrapped tightly around Elise, declaring his love, knowing with certainty he was never gonna wanna let her go. 

Thank God the summer stretched before them, he thought, just as the sound of his mother’s prized seashell-filled lamp crashed to the floor. 

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