Henderson Happenings :: Volume 27

Fireworks Over the Fourth

You’ve no doubt heard the rumors. 
I’m here to confirm that a wet T-shirt contest was held over the Fourth of July weekend at the Situation. Those sneaky Phi Delts from N.C. State raised so much money for charity last year, why wouldn’t they give it another try?
Only this year, Molly DuVal’s back in Henderson. You know, the girl famous for declaring the human body a work of art? It is widely speculated that Molly has collected her share of Mardi Gras beads. 
I’m not saying Molly single-handedly tripled revenue, but those Phi Delts sure looked happy as they stumbled their way out of the door, cashbox in hand.
Hey, c’mon. It’s for charity, y’all.
~Your Henderson Hostess~

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