Without a Hitch

“Harry,” Pinks whispered, motioning him down to the far end of the bar. “I need your advice.”

“Sure, Mr. Williams. What can I do for you?”

Pinks chuckled. “Harry. You don’t need to call me Mr. Williams.”

“Part of the job, sir. If you’re a member, a Mr. goes in front of your name.”

“Got it. Okay. So you know there’s now a huge glitch in this Devine/James wedding date debacle.”

“What I know is, Mr. James has been put through the ringer by his lovely fiancée. Not that she intended for that to happen, but the lady is a busy woman, and like the rest of us, she has her quirks.”


Harry shrugged.

Pinks gave him a curious glance, but continued, “Well, because of those quirks, I’ve been thrown a curve ball.”

“You need to reschedule your hometown bro trip.”


“But Miss Langford—Miss Scarlett Langford—has your schedule tied up.”

“How did you know?”

Harry pointed down the length of his bar. “You gentlemen aren’t the only ones who like to discuss your private lives here.”

“So you’ve been privy to Scarlett’s conversations?”

“Many of them.”

Pinks’s brows shot up. Then he eagerly took a seat at the bar. “Tell me everything.”

Harry grinned, placed both hands firmly on the bar, and gave Pinks an arched look.

“Right. Okay. I’m guessing if I don’t want you sharing my private conversations, why would I expect you to share hers?”

Harry nodded and put a cocktail napkin in front of Pinks, then opened a cold Perrier bottle and set it before him.

“Thanks. Okay. So I’ve been asked by Duncan to find a new date for all of us guys to travel to Baltimore to see Cal Johnson pitch so that he and Annabelle can marry on the date it originally took me months to work out in the first place. And frankly, I don’t think it’s possible.”


Pinks proceeded to wind himself into a tizzy. “Because Brooks has to check in with Lolly, and Vance needs permission from Piper, and Thor will want to consult with Missy, and Scarlett’s schedule has somehow become my schedule—and let me tell you, Scarlett has a lot on her schedule. So managing to find a date that suited everyone initially was a feat in and of itself. Not to mention the time and effort it took for Cal to finagle the owner’s box for the game.”

“Missy’s from Baltimore.”

Pinks gave Harry a disgruntled sideways glance. “I know that.”

“Maybe she wants to show off her hometown too.”

“What’s that got to do with—” Pinks cut himself off. Then he wagged a finger at Harry. “Take the girls. It’ll be easier to find a new date if everyone is on the same page and highly motivated.”

“Might be fun,” Harry suggested.

“Yeah … no.” Pinks’s shoulders collapsed. “The guys were looking forward to a men’s night in the owner’s suite. Watching baseball. Discussing baseball. With top-shelf liquor and great cigars. It was going to be part of Duncan’s bachelor party.”

“And Missy, our local event planner, can’t come up with bachelorette party ideas in her own hometown?”

Pinks’s jaw dropped. “A Bachelor and Bachelorette Baltimore weekend.”

“Has a ring to it,” Harry insisted.

“Brilliant. They’ll do their thing, we’ll do our thing, and everyone meets in the middle. Or at the end. Or whenever. And the Devine/James wedding will go off without a hitch.” Pinks slapped his hand on the bar. “Thanks Harry.”

Harry mopped the bar with a satisfied smirk on his face. “Anytime, Mr. Williams. Anytime.”

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