“Surprise Visit to Princeton “

The Outlaw’s Back Story Part 10

Elise showed up to the Navy game, and the Hopkins game, and she was scheduled to hit the Yale game at Princeton the second weekend in April after having told her parents she wanted to do an official campus visit and, oh yeah, watch Jesse James play lacrosse while she was there. 

Since the holidays Jesse had managed to get his overzealous sexual urges in check. It wasn’t like he was attracted to any other girl, but he and Elise were texting regularly now, Face Timing more frequently, and in preparation for the few moments they might be able to steal this summer, he’d started studying books he’d downloaded on his e-reader and instructive videos about how to please a woman sexually. Fuck. The thoughts those books inspired were seriously hot. As was his recollection of the intimacy the two of them shared over the holidays. 

It happened by accident, but it was not a stretch to say he wound up founding the first male-only study group on the subject of female sexual pleasure at Princeton. It started casually with a few of his more cerebral friends discussing their lack of knowledge about the female anatomy and how watching porn wasn’t really a great way to figure out how to impress a girl you wanted to take you seriously. Jesse went out on a limb and suggested the books he’d been reading and the videos he’d seen. One thing led to another and before he knew it, he was in charge, the group was meeting at a regular time with more guys jumping in each week, and with everyone bringing new questions regularly, Jesse felt the need to take it to the next level. 

He booked a classroom for their use and was shocked at how many guest speakers he could find who were willing to come speak to a Princeton group. Most were promoting a book or research, or needed the group to fill out a candid questionnaire to help with their research. Female speakers were particularly engaged, happy to see a bunch of college-aged men interested in pleasing their sexual partners.  

Yeah. That was the point, at first. Self-confidence truly seemed to be the ultimate goal for most of the men he talked to. He understood that, because that was what had driven him to start looking for real facts, not just comparing notes to other clowns who didn’t know what the fuck they were doing. He and other fellow students wanted to know how to physically make a woman orgasm, true. But they attended the study group to be able to go into the world and engage with women confidently. The wanted to feel comfortable simply talking to women. And all were eager to glean an understanding of how different the feminine mind worked from their own, so they could become better partners both in and out of bed. 

The plethora of subjects grew, as did the quality and quantity of the group. The administration took notice, coming to Jesse and wanting him to consider running his study group as an actual course during the fall semester, offering him credit and status to continue lining up guest speakers and giving him access to one of the larger auditorium-style classrooms one evening a week. He jumped at the chance. 

He did not share any of this with Elise. 

Hell no. 

He wanted Elise to think he was a god. 

He was so head over heels for Elise, he was taking the study group very seriously in hopes of becoming the man she couldn’t live without. And yeah, it wasn’t like he was planning to seduce her into his bed when she arrived on campus because—fuck him—they really weren’t there yet and he still had to look her father in the eye. But from the insight he’d gained during the few blissful moments of intimacy they’d shared, Elise was going to be down with him upping their game. She wasn’t shy about wanting what she wanted, and he wanted to be prepared to give it to her. 

His cover was almost blown when she arrived on campus on a Thursday evening, catching him by complete surprise. He had anticipated seeing her after the lacrosse game Saturday, knew she had arranged to stay the night with a friend of a friend, and therefore they’d have a good amount of time together. He was eager for it, had compiled a specific list of questions to discuss with tonight’s speaker regarding his seventeen-year-old girlfriend, when he turned from locking his door and—lo and behold—there she stood. 

In the hallway of his dorm. 

Thinner due to her lacrosse season. 

Lighter hair due to he didn’t know what. 

Same frosted-green eyes and fuck, that grin. 

Every bit of tension in his body eased as his brain, his body … his heart recognized her. 

He didn’t say anything. Just turned back and unlocked his door, tossed his backpack inside, and then went to take her by the hand and bring her into his room. With the door securely locked, his hands went into her hair on both sides of her face and he did what he’d been visualizing for weeks. He kissed her hello. He kissed her I’m crazy about you. He kissed her Thank God you’re here. 

And she kissed him back with I wanted to surprise you. Kissed him back with I’m wild about you too. Kissed him back with I love your arms around me and your lips on mine. 

He blew off the study group. They dined at his favorite pizza place. He strolled her around campus in the dark, introducing her to his best friends and teammates as they came upon them. To his roommate, who immediately vacated the premises even though Jesse assured him that wouldn’t be necessary. 

Elise had to FaceTime her parents from the dorm room of the friend of a friend at eleven and that was good. It kept them honest. 

Or so Jesse assumed when he walked her back to her friend’s dorm. 

Wait! Don’t go,” Elise shouted at him like he was crazy for turning to leave. Wait for me in the lounge. This won’t take long.” 

E. We’re done for the night. I’ll meet you at the Admissions office as your tour finishes up tomorrow. Go call your parents. Tell them I said hi.” 

I’m not … staying here. I’m staying with you.” 

That had him pulling up short on his way out of Blair hall. 

You’re what?” 

I’m staying with you. Josie will be fine with it. No big deal.” 

Jesse backtracked, right into Elise’s personal space. It would be a big deal and it’s not happening,” he said quietly. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you and things would go way too far.” He knew too much to trust himself not to attempt what he’d been learning about. 

I’m ready for that,” she told him. 

You’re ready for what?” 

That,” she said with meaning. 

Ah. Not happening, E. Not this weekend.” 

I think it should happen,” she corrected. This weekend.” 

Her boldness, her scent, her eagerness was pulling him under. So he stepped back. Look. As much as I would love to have you in my arms all night long, this time together is a bonus. I wasn’t expecting you, and I’ve got a couple things I have to do before tomorrow,” he lied. Give me tonight. We’ve got tomorrow and Saturday, and I’ll work out a plan, one that you’ll be happy with, I promise.” 

She grinned. As amenable as ever. Okay.” She did her cute shrug, stepped into him, kissed him goodbye, and then headed to Josie’s dorm room. 

He wasn’t sure whether he felt relief or disappointment that he’d been able to talk her out of staying with him so easily. 


Jesse worked out a plan. One that kept Elise highly entertained around campus and still gave them enough heavy petting time for themselves. They didn’t go all the way. They didn’t have to. He’d made a long list of a whole lot of ways the two of them could be intimate, could be aroused, could achieve orgasm without intercourse, and Elise ate it all up with a spoon. She was fine with it. And he was too. Up until thirty minutes before her train was scheduled to take her away from him. That’s when she dropped her bomb. 

Okay, so I need to talk to you about something, and I need you to understand that it’s a purely a platonic exercise in high school rituals. Especially in the DC area.” 

Sure. What?” 

I’m going to Georgetown Prep’s prom with Bill Hogan.” 

Jesse felt his eyes grow extremely big. Excuse me? You’re doing what now?” 

We’re just friends. Obviously. But it’s a thing. Most of my friends are going to Prep’s prom with a bunch of his friends and so he asked me and I said yes. I mean, it’s not like I can tell him I’ve got a hot boyfriend at Princeton or anything. But I did clarify that this was a friends’ thing. A group date, at most.” 

A group date.” Jesse was left with repeating her words because his chest had been cracked open and she was stomping all over his heart. 

Yes. A group date. It means nothing. It will just be for fun.” 

Yeah. He wasn’t interested in her having that kind of fun. Shit. And instead of reading her the riot act and getting into the finer points of Are you fucking kidding me, he did exactly what men do when they know whatever comes out of their mouths next is going to be wrong. 

He shut down. 


And let her lead the way to his car, listened to her ramble on about nothing as important as the fact that she was going out with another guy when the very last thing he wanted to do was be with another woman. 

Holy fuck. 

This was the penalty for dating a high schooler. And he’d change the hell out of the situation if he could. Tell her this situation was untenable for either of them and they should take a break until she grew the fuck up and started acting like an adult. 

But he was stuck. 

And he knew it. 

He was madly in love with Elise Thompson, the girl, and had no choice but to stick the situation out. 

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