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Key to the City

Presenting you with a Key to Henderson is your personal tour guide, Annabelle Devine. (You may remember her as the Keeper of the Debutantes.) Annabelle will take you anywhere you want to go—Main Street, the club, the Evans Estate, you name it. She’ll introduce you to Harry (tequila shots, anyone?), fill you in on who’s who in town, find you some great reading material, and make sure you’ve got all the latest gossip since Missy and Thor’s very public falling out.


Heroes of Henderson

The book series

All Liz Kelly Books are complete romances on their own. No need to read them in order.
Though it’s probably more fun if you do. Reoccurring characters and all. Enjoy!

Playin’ Cop

Vance Evans and Brooks Bennett are first introduced in Playin’ Cop which was previously published as The Keeper of the Debutantes, one of the 4 stories in Countdown To A Kiss:  A New Year’s Eve Anthology.

Good Cop

The first full length novel in the series. I always tell new readers to start with this one. Annabelle & Duncan from Playin’ Cop show up big in Good Cop.

Bad Cop

Annabelle, Duncan, Brooks, Lolly, Genevra, Hale & Emelina all  play prominent rolls. This story introduces Pinks and Tansy.

Meet Liz




Besides my avid love of romance novels since I was fifteen, my Heroes of Henderson series grew out of the New Year’s Eve Anthology, Countdown To A Kiss, where every year, the Devine Sisters of Henderson, N.C. had a bet during their parents’ New Year’s Eve ball. The sister who didn’t have a date to kiss at midnight had to kiss their nerdy neighbor, Lewis Kampmueller.

Henderson Happenings

Team Henderson’s e-Newsletter


In order to create buzz and bring people back to Henderson, Missy McReady instituted Henderson Happenings, a biweekly e-newsletter sent to everyone who attended the Opening Day Spectacular. After authoring the first few editions, she passed the baton to an unknown source. Snag your copy and see what gossip is floating around Henderson this week.

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