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“There’s never a dull moment at the Evans Estate and since I spy Bloody Marys on the table, it looks like we’ve arrived in time for one of their infamous brunches. I’ll just go lie over by the pool while y’all check out Who’s Who in Henderson and see what our Team Henderson do-gooders are up to.”


Who’s who in Henderson

A little reminder of Who’s Who might help readers if it’s been a while since they’ve visited Henderson. Here are the main reoccurring characters as they appeared in the series.

Duncan James

Corporate attorney in Raleigh, NC. Grew up in Richmond, VA and met Brooks and Vance at NC State where they were all fraternity brothers.

Annabelle Devine

Graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, she’s known in Henderson as The Keeper of the Debutantes and holds the job of Field Representative for her sorority’s Mid-Atlantic region. She is “Miss Manners” on steroids with the ability to “put out fires” of the social variety. (A fixer.)

Harry the Bartender

Mysterious young Henderson Country Club bartender with an uncanny knack for knowing your drink and reading your mind. His tequila shots have a way of bringing couples together.

Brooks Bennett

Henderson’s Golden Boy since he was sixteen years old. Gifted athlete and winning pitcher in both high school and college, he is presently a cop with aspirations to run for mayor. His best friends are Vance Evans, Lewis Kampmueller, and Duncan James. His sister Darcy is engaged to his buddy Lewis. His goal is “to put Henderson on the map.”

Vance Evans

Henderson’s notorious lady-killing bad boy. He’s bedded more women than he can remember. His other hobby is making money and he’s been doing that well since he was in grade school. He and Brooks bonded while being hazed as the only two freshmen on the varsity baseball team. Since then his loyalty has been to Brooks and Brooks alone. Vance loves the library, knows he’s the smartest guy in the room, yet still carries the pain of his mother’s abandonment from when he was ten years old. He wants to put Henderson on the map solely because it’s Brooks’s dream.

Lewis Kampmueller

Classic, adorable, lean and lanky nerd. Childhood friend of Books and Vance. Graduate of M.I.T. Owner of KampApps. Vance and Brooks invested in his company at the start and now they are all wealthy because of it. Lewis resides in NYC and is engaged to Brooks’s sister Darcy. Brooks is determined to get Lewis to move his business to Henderson.

Lolly DuVal

Competitive, athletic, pony-tailed firecracker who comes home for the summer after ending a nice, safe, boring relationship and gives Brooks and Vance a run for their money. Although finishing up her graduate degree in Textiles and Design, she’s already started The House of DuVal – focusing on designing debutante, wedding, and special occasion dresses.

Darcy Bennett

Brooks’s sister and Lolly’s best friend who couldn’t wait to move out of Henderson and refuses to move back. An acclaimed video game developer who fell in love with Brooks’s best friend, Lewis-the-nerdy-neighbor back when she was in grade school. She has finally captured her man.

Genevra DuVal

pronounced Gen-ev-ra, she gave birth to Lolly at the age of twenty so the two of them look more like sisters. The “story” goes that her husband, Jake DuVal was killed in a car accident on their honeymoon. She’s built up a small but profitable accounting business located in the center of Henderson and has lived a very quiet life … until now.

Hale Evans

Vance’s father, successful equity investor, and Henderson’s local multi-millionaire. He’s the owner of The Evans Estate, is youthful in his appearance, and far more gorgeous than his son Vance.

Emelina Flores

Spanish born and bred mother and grandmother of Hale and Vance Evans. A notorious flirt, gorgeous and eternally young at the age of 78. She’s had many husbands and countless love affairs and remembers them all fondly. She rocks a lilting Spanish accent but is often heard cussing like a sailor.

Tansy Langford

Smart, capable E&E office manager and former Ole Miss Homecoming queen from a prominent Henderson family. She is ultimately known for running out on Henderson’s Golden Boy Brooks. When she comes back to town to try to make things right chaos ensues.

Davis Williams a.k.a. Pinks

Double black belt and a product of his Baltimore prep school environment (eats, sleeps, and drinks lacrosse) he attended NC State seven years after Brooks and Vance graduated. He followed his ex, Lolly, to Henderson in hopes of winning her back. Pinks holds a double degree in Economics and Finance as well as his MBA, all of which he achieved in five years at State. He blew off a high-paying job back in Baltimore to stay in Henderson and work with Hale and Vance Evans at E&E Investments, Inc.

Piper Beaumont

Tiny blond-haired, blue-eyed, pink-cheeked litigator who fiercely defends high school and college students from “trumped up charges.” She lived in Henderson until the end of fourth grade when her family moved to the Research Triangle. She loves to bake and is very good at it.

Jesse James a.k.a. The Outlaw

Duncan James’s brother who attends Princeton University and plays lacrosse and the electric guitar like a badass. His mother “The Judge” sent him to Henderson to intern for the summer after he caused a scandal within their tight-knit summer community. He and Pinks make up Vance’s Super Heroes in Training a.k.a the S.H.I.T.s.

Molly DuVal

Ceramic artist and creator of the Big Pie Plate. Henderson’s most scandalous debutante who relieved Vance Evans of his virginity back in high school and then ran out on her fiancé years later for another go at Vance. Her antics caused her banishment from Henderson for a number of years.

Josh McCourt

AP high school computer science teacher and assistant football coach. His razzle dazzle computer-generated offensive plays have given the Henderson High football team new life.

Evie Jackson

Leader of the “Old Guard” and Matriarch of Henderson Society. Grandmother to Tyler Jackson who Molly DuVal threw over for a weekend with Vance Evans.

Garland Langford

Former Miss North Carolina, former Old Miss Homecoming Queen, born and married into prominent Henderson families. She is the “voice” of Henderson following right in Evie Jackson’s sanctimonious footsteps.

Rye Langford

Prominent Henderson real estate tycoon. Husband to Garland, father of Tansy and Scarlett.

Crain Carraway

Dallas business tycoon. Owner of CC Dallas. Three sport varsity athlete at Texas A&M. His bride ditched him after their impromptu Vegas wedding.

Cash Carraway

Texas cowboy through and through and Crain’s younger brother.

Scarlett Langford

Tansy’s sassy redheaded younger sister. A senior at Ole Miss University.

Vivi DuVal

Lolly & Molly’s smarty pants cousin who graduated early from Wake Forest University with a double major.

Lane Kettering

Born and bred in Oxford, NC, neighboring town and arch-rival of Henderson. All-star running back in high school, college, and beyond.

Tinely DuVal

World class flirt with a voluptuous body. She’s the youngest of all the DuVal girl cousins and a senior in high school.

Cooper Crenshaw a.k.a The Coach

Vance and Brooks’s high school coach and now MLB third base coach for the Orioles.

Christy-Lynn Brilhart

The Angel of Henderson. Runs Henderson Bank and Trust and most of the town’s charitable organizations.

Cal Johnson

Orioles’ rookie pitching phenom who Coach Cooper saved from drowning after Boston Red Sox fans tossed him into the harbor.

Natalie Houser

Scarlett Langford’s roommate at Ole Miss. Daughter of legendary “Nate the Great” Nathaniel Houser, Hall of Fame MLB pitcher.

Melissa “Missy” McReady

Old friend of Pinks from Baltimore who moved to Henderson to coach the women’s start-up lacrosse team. She’s also a marketing and event planning consultant for E&E Investments.

Thurgood Lewis Watson the Third a.k.a. Thor

Big, brawny, former Army Ranger. Now, after his father’s untimely passing, he’s a 6th generation plantation owner. He was a year behind Brooks and Vance in school and played football and basketball. Lost his mother during high school.

Mayor Clint Stevens

Longtime mayor of Henderson up for reelection against Brooks Bennett.

Marcie Watts a.k.a. Viper

Vengeful ex-girlfriend of Coach Crenshaw’s (Kissing Cooper) who is out to destroy Brooks Bennett and Vance Evans.

Marnie Mitchell

Ten-year-old neighbor of Thor’s who’s being raised by her grandparents. She came to him to learn how to play football and shoot a gun. He introduced her to Missy and redirected her interests to lacrosse.

Xavier Wright

Bossiest and oldest of the five Wright brothers. After a long stint in Arizona, he moved back in with his parents to help care for his sick mother. He quickly fell in love with his Tweets and took no time putting a ring on it.

Laidey Bartholomew, a.k.a. Tweets

Originally from Dallas, Texas, and favorite employee of Crain Carraway (whom she had a mega-crush on.) She now works for CC Henderson and has fallen hard for her very bossy, but very sweet, fiancé Xavier Wright.

Xander Wright

Twin brother of Xavier, he works in Charlotte, NC, and comes home rarely. Lately, he’s been dating McKenna Blakely, Xavier’s ex and the “daughter his parents never had.”

Anna Beth Wright

Mother of five large, boisterous, trouble-making (in their youth) sons. She’s recovering from an autoimmune disease that nearly killed her and has brought much of her family back to Henderson.

McKenna Blakely

Journalist for the Henderson Daily, she dated Xavier back in high school. The entire Wright family fell in love with her, including Xavier’s twin, Xander, with whom she’s recently reconnected.

Jaxon Wright

Youngest of the five Wright brothers and the most recent to move back to Henderson. He works as a consultant for NASCAR race teams fine-tuning their engines for race day. He’s mad for newcomer Jinx Davenport.

Jinx Davenport

Secret, long-lost daughter of Hale Evans. Jinx found her way to Henderson after applying for a library position. She and Jaxon Wright fell for each other at first sight.

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