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Besides my avid love of romance novels since I was fifteen, my Heroes of Henderson series grew out of the New Year’s Eve Anthology, Countdown To A Kiss, where every year, the Devine Sisters of Henderson, N.C. had a bet during their parents’ New Year’s Eve ball. The sister who didn’t have a date to kiss at midnight had to kiss their nerdy neighbor, Lewis Kampmueller.

That first hero, Duncan James, in the novella The Keeper of the Debutantes (which has been published separately as Playin’ Cop) is friendly with Lewis, and is best buds with Lewis’s best buds Brooks Bennett and Vance Evans.


When is the next book coming out?

I am presently working on All Star which will be out in early 2021 (good Lord willing.)

How do you think of this stuff?

I have no idea. Truly. Generally I start with “a beginning” in mind and have an idea of the “black moment.” But the magic happens when I sit in the chair and start to write. I think I’m going in one direction and most of the time the best twists, turns, and plot ideas happen while I’m writing. I’ve learned to trust the process.

Did you study writing in college?

Nope. I wish I had known I wanted to write books while I was still in college. I was a psychology major because people and their relationships fascinate me. (Not a bad thing to study for a fictional author.) I have always loved reading romance, but it wasn’t until my father asked, “When are you going to write one of those?” that I ever considered the idea. And my immediate response was, hmm, that could be fun. I think it was an angel speaking through my dad, because the moment I sat down at a keyboard with a story idea, I loved the process. It is truly my favorite thing to do.

How long have you been writing?

For years and years on and off. My first novel was 200,000 words! And OMG, I went back to read it last summer and bored myself to death. Luckily many conferences and workshops through the national organization, Romance Writers of America, have taught me well over the years, not to mention a variety of talented critique partners and of course my own favorite authors. I’ve been published since the end of 2012.

Best advice for a new author?

Get a critique partner or two who write better than you do. Then listen to what they say. Once you love your book and they love your book, pay the big bucks to have your story edited by someone good. You’ll learn a lot in the process and will have a far better chance of making a lasting impression on your prospective agent/editor/readers.

Hooked on Henderson

GBMC Book Club

Enjoyed meeting with the Greater Baltimore Medical Center Book Club!

Happy Bookers

The Happy Bookers Book Club in Naples, Florida: As the Season wound down, most of the members had headed back North for the summer. But on the day of the last meeting, look what arrived for distribution. Happy beach reading girls!

Good Cop Debut

Memorial Day Weather May Not Be Perfect For The Beach ... But Good Cop seems to be keeping my favorite readers in Sherwood Forest, Md. smiling!

On Figure 8 Island

Look what they are reading on Figure 8 Island in North Carolina!

Love Abounds

Max is the Man

Daughters of my heart got their hands on Good Cop! (They tell me they are Brooks fans. But they are just now reading Bad Cop so we'll see.)

Yes. I am …

Notre Dame Girls

The Best Brothers Ever

Real Men Read Romance!

Cinco de Fun!

Cinco de Mayo Friends and Family Tour Photo Gallery: Baltimore ... I don't live there anymore and haven't for 8 years now. But I go back around May 5th every year to catch up with my cousins and bestest girlfriends. Good Cop was out in e-book, and I just missed handing out the paperbacks by a couple days. (I handed out postcards instead.)

My Baseball Expert

Caught red-handed on vacation.

Top Dog in Paperback!

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Image 15

I went to a very fun "party" the other night. An "Origami Owl" jewelry show where you pick out "floating charms" for a locket. I loved the idea, and once I saw the cute little Police Badge charm I decided to make a Heroes of Henderson themed locket. So I included the Sunglasses from my covers, an H initial for Heroes of Henderson, Lolly's red Cowgirl Boot from Good Cop, and Cupid's Bow and Arrow. (By the way, have you guessed who Cupid is?) I also made a locket for my niece who loves acting, gymnastics, and shopping. If you want to make a locket for yourself, your best friend, your favorite author or to simply learn more about Origami Owl, visit this site:

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Liz Kelly Fans Spotted: Join the party and email your picture with a Liz Kelly book to

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And I would be remiss if I didn't include this shout out: Baltimore - Home of the 2013 Super Bowl Champion Ravens. Loved, loved, loved this adorable decal on my favorite store's window. Ha! Bad Birds. They fit right in with Bad Cop and the Bad Girls Book Club

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Girls 5

Bachelorette Party Shenanigans

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Girls 1

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