Brooks and Lolly – Part 4

Harry,” the four friends shouted in unison.

It was the third of July and Brooks, Duncan, Vance, and Lewis sat in the men’s card room of Henderson Country Club enjoying a casual dinner of burgers, fries, beer, and now Harry’s infamous tequila shooters.

“Harry, why the shots?” Vance asked.

“Well, I thought my work here was done,” Harry said as he set a shot glass before each gentleman. “Mr. Kampmueller, Mr. James, Mr. Evans, congratulations on getting those beautiful women to the altar.” Harry came around to Brooks last. “Mr. Bennett, it looked like you had things all wrapped up three years ago tomorrow and yet here I am, still serving these shots. Tonight I’ve got a little something extra for you.” He placed a business card next to Brooks’s plate.

Brooks wiped his hands on his napkin, assuring Harry his bachelor status wasn’t from lack of trying as he picked up the card. It was Lolly’s business card and in her hand writing at the bottom were the words; Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Swiping a napkin across his mouth, Brooks grinned up at Harry. “Things might be looking up.”

“And there’s a note on the back.”

Brooks flipped the card. The date October 27 was written in Lolly’s bold printing.

Brooks blinked a few times, and then allowed his Golden Boy grin to light up his whole face as he glanced up at Harry who was nodding enthusiastically. “You’ll be here, Harry?”

“Wouldn’t dream of missing it. This one’s been a long time coming.”

“You can say that again,” Brooks beamed. “How did you get this?”

“I ran into Miss DuVal in the parking lot. She and Mrs. Kampmueller weren’t appropriately dressed for the club so she asked me to give it to you.”

Brooks lifted one brow. “What do you mean, not appropriately dressed?”

“They were wearing jeans.”

“Really? I didn’t think Lolly owned a pair of jeans.”

Harry pulled out his cell. “She does indeed. Looks spectacular in them if I may say so. They asked me to take their picture and text it to them.” Harry pulled up the aforementioned picture of Lolly and Darcy.

Brooks’s tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth. He didn’t focus on the jeans. He zeroed right in on Lolly’s bare belly button, the hourglass indentation of her waist, the creamy skin exposed from just under her breasts all the way down to her hips. The span of Lolly that was completely naked seemed far greater than what was clothed. Her little red halter top was no bigger than most bikini tops, and her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, topped with a big red, white, and blue bow.

“Fucking A,” Brooks said under his breath. “Where the hell were they going dressed like this?”

“I’m not exactly sure.” Harry flipped to the next picture. “But the guys in the truck mentioned something about a reunion at the lake.”

Brooks took Harry’s phone in hand, staring at the light-blue pickup with Darcy and Lolly waving in the back as it pulled out of the parking lot. Darcy and Lolly and four fucking, drooling idiots.

“Jesus Christ, Lewis,” Brooks growled. “Where the hell is Darcy tonight?”

Lewis glanced up from his phone. “At the lake. There’s some sort of high school reunion going on out there. Bonfire and everything. Sounded like she was looking forward to it. She didn’t think it would be my kind of thing.”

Brooks turned a scowl toward Duncan. “I thought all the girls were having dinner at your place and then meeting us at the Situation.”

“As far as I know, that’s the plan,” Duncan acknowledged.

Brooks’s glare settled on Vance who seemed overly invested in devouring his food.

“Thanks, Harry,” Brooks said handing him back his phone. “You didn’t happen to read her mind or anything? Anything that would shed light on why the hell she’d want to—”

Harry smirked. “Satisfy your list of demands and then jump into a pickup full of people her own age eager to go blow off some steam? I’m sure I can’t imagine.”

And as Brooks did his best to rein in his temper from that comment, Vance’s cellphone started blaring Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” song right at the part where the lyrics suggested that if he liked it, then he should have put a ring on it. Duncan, Lewis, and Vance started singing and laughing, carrying on like fucking twelve-year-olds.

“Funny,” Brooks said, throwing his napkin down and standing up, ready to take on the world.

But then something occurred to him.

Something that changed everything.

Something that made him grin, and caused him to plop back down in his chair.

Reaching for his shot glass he and held it high over the table, waiting for his best friends to join him in a toast.

“To Lolly,” he said. “And her blowing off steam.” He paused just a second before he finished with a shake of his head and a knowing grin. “Best damn nights of my life.”

They all clinked glasses. “Here. Here.”

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