“Raging Hormones”

There was only so much suppressing of raging hormones a man could take.

And this wasn’t even a contest.

Once the date of Elise’s first visit to Princeton was on the calendar, Jesse stopped deluding himself that they weren’t going to get it on. In fact, it was pretty much all he thought about. And with the way Elise sprang into his arms at the train station, wrapping her legs around him and kissing him senseless, there was little doubt she was on the same page.

This was happening.

They were happening.

And it wasn’t going to be anything like their first time on his grandparents’ porch so many months ago. Though that had its fair share of fond memories, the way it ended had pushed their first time into nightmare territory. Jesse was unwilling to let anything like that happen again. Elise deserved so much better.

He did, too.

So because he made bank all summer working for Evans & Evans, he booked the biggest room at a very romantic bed-and-breakfast within walking distance of campus. And other than the reservations for the best steakhouse in town Saturday night, he made no further plans than to really, really get to know each other.

It was Jesse’s intention not to leave one stone unturned when it came to Elise’s sexual appetites. After the time he’d spent last semester on the academics of female sexual pleasure he wanted to put all that titillating knowledge to practical use. Although when Elise seemed uncharacteristically nervous once he’d locked the door to their luxurious bedroom, he vowed to take things slow, leading her to the cushy sofa where they could sit, hold hands, face each other, and talk.

Yes, they still held their regular Monday FaceTime chats, and yes, he still sent her a love letter directly after so it would arrive in the mail on Thursdays. But he understood since they’d started dating—well over a year ago—the actual time they’d been able to be face to face was so rare that it took on a different feel. A special meaning.

“I so glad you’re here,” he said, his voice intentionally lowered and calm. He massaged the palms of her hands with his fingers. “I know we’ve been anticipating this weekend for a long time, and the bed-and-breakfast may be a little intimidating. But my apartment is overrun with teammates and, after the last time, I wanted to guarantee us privacy. But they all want to meet you. I thought maybe tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.” She was being unusually quiet. Most of the time her bubbly personality wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise.

“Are you good?” he asked.

That’s when her eyes lit up with a conspiratorial gleam. She leaned in and gave him a soft, sweet kiss that ended with just a little touch of her tongue. And then she opened the floodgates with the whispered words, “I’m just trying really hard not to jump you.”

“Jump away,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and swinging them down onto the sofa, him on his back beneath her, she scrambling to hang on and situate herself on top. By the time she got her lips aligned with his, Jesse’s hands were tucked into the waistband of her jeans and squeezing her ass. “Jesus, you feel good.”

“Mmm,” she hummed through their kissing. “And you feel bigger. Everywhere.”

He laughed. “The better to tangle you up in the sheets.”

“Are we gonna get naked? Like before tea?”

“Do you really want tea?”

“Yes. But, you know … after.”

“Oh,” he said, grinning, nuzzling her neck. “So you really do want to jump me.”

Her next words came out breathy as she sat up and scraped hair from her face. “I’m dying to see you without your shirt. It’s been so long, and you’re turning into more of a man every time I see you.”

He dragged his shirt over his head not wanting Elise to wait another minute to see the efforts of his weight training. He didn’t mean to, but his muscles flexed as if they had a mind of their own. He manscaped like most of the guys he knew. He wasn’t a hairy dude so it didn’t take much to look clean and keep it that way. He did not wax below the belt because—come on—but he trimmed and was presentable. At least he’d find out if Elise thought he was presentable.

From the look on Elise’s face, she liked his bare chest, his defined upper body. She was literally licking her lips before she said, “I bought this for you,” as she pulled her own shirt over her head leaving her in a sexy-as-hell, see-through, lavender lace bra.

“Damn, I like that a lot.” His hands gripped her naked waist as his eyes took in the gift. “Doing this in the daylight really has its perks.” It was near impossible for him to drag his gaze from her breasts. His fingertips slowly, reverently traced the outline of her bra before roaming the rest of her naked torso. Eventually his fingers slid down her arms and threaded themselves among her own. He sat up and stared into her eyes.

“You are everything to me. Do you know that?”

“I know that.”

“You want to move this to the bed so we can take our time and still make it downstairs for tea?”

“I want to move it to the bed, but let’s not take our time.”

He chuckled as she grinned. Damn this girl.

When one gifted athlete and one average athlete decide to get jiggy with it? Fireworks. Well, eventual fireworks.

Neither one of them really knew what the hell they were doing the first time they climbed into that big four-poster bed. Or even when they jumped back into it right after tea. The basics—insert this here—were understood. But once they got the condom application down—because with their luck, they agreed doubling up on birth control was the way to go—and Jesse finally got enough of his brainpower back to actually remember all he’d learned about female sexual pleasure, things progressed quickly. Now that intercourse was finally on the table—they were eager to try it every which way.

Elise’s attitude toward sex was just the same as with all aspects of her life. She was open and eager and curious and happy. And … she was vocal. More so as the weekend went on.

Jesse—except for the first time when he couldn’t think for shit—approached sex the same way he did everything when it came to Elise. All of his focus—on her. He set about putting everything he’d learned into practice, with slow, deliberate steps to generate her first orgasm, then her next, and then her next. His intention was a three-to-one ratio. She got three before he got one.

This wasn’t always how it worked out, because Elise had a mind of her own and liked to take charge more often than not. The two of them may have been working under the same pretense because there were plenty of times Jesse found himself on his back, being pleasured without having to lift a finger.

But the takeaway for him was that Elise’s pleasure stimulated his own. So when she gasped, and groaned, and sometimes screamed, he got more jacked up, which resulted in more satisfaction. Bone-deep satisfaction.

They missed their reservation at the steak house.

Jesse’s teammates never got to meet Elise.

Ultimately, there was no sadness or angst when Jesse escorted Elise to the train station Sunday evening. The two of them had gotten more than their fill and were downright giddy over it. They had cemented the bond between them. Long distance was now their superpower. Stolen weekends their bread and butter. Yeah, Elise probably wasn’t going to get into Princeton, but they’d cross that bridge when they came to it.

None of that mattered.

They were solid.

They were committed.

And for now, they were happily looking forward to their FaceTime tomorrow night.

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