“Stealing Kisses”

The Outlaw’s Back Story Part 7

Elise was dancing on cloud nine. Crazy for Jesse James, Senior Boys counselor. She could feel herself blush every time their paths crossed during the day. He’d always send her a quick grin in passing, or if no one was looking he’d shoot her a sly wink. God, he was just over-the-top excitement. She never realized how energizing falling in love could be. How vastly monumental it would feel. A complete shift in perspective.

With her head mostly in the clouds, she wasn’t focused on what competition came next during playoff week. That being said, she paid little attention to her opponents in badminton and ping-pong, blowing out her competition with laser-like focus because she just wanted to get all this over with and move on.

To Trophy Night and her and Jesse’s first date.

Although two weeks must have started to feel like a long time to Jesse too. Not three days had gone by since their initial kiss when she found herself dragged behind the tennis shed at dusk. With a quick look to his right and left, and one glance behind them he deemed, “The coast is clear,” and gave her one helluva smooch.

She returned the favor the following evening, sort-of-but-not-really stalking him as he locked up the clubhouse after a Boy and Girl of the Year meeting. “Hey,” she called softly, sneaking up against his back. He turned quickly, checked the area for onlookers, and then somehow managed to open the door back up with his hands behind his back and drag her into the dark interior. He shut the door firmly and had her up against the wall beside it before she could say another word.

His kiss was hungry. That was the only way she could think to describe it. It wasn’t easy and playful like the one behind the tennis shed, or even slow and igniting like the one at home on the couch. This kiss was a little rough and mildly desperate, and it lit her up inside, compelling her to become rough with her hands and a whole lot of desperate in her desire. She felt the rush of adrenaline everywhere. Especially down there.

She’d never had the urge to rub up against anything before but that need was there and so the moment Jesse shoved his knee between her legs was … perfection. She literally didn’t awaken to the fact that she was grinding down on him until midway to orgasm. Which caused her to gasp in shock. “Jesus. What you do to me.” It came out as a half plea to stop. Stop taking her out of her head, out of her comfort zone—although what was happening between their bodies felt better than comfortable. It felt extraordinary. Enthralling. A driving need. Like connection was the most important commodity she could earn. Like the payoff would be over-the-top. Like she could travel to the moon and back with Jesse James.

“You good?” he asked through his kisses.

“So good,” she responded, her breasts rubbing deliberately against his chest.

“Yeah?” He picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist, pressing her back against the wall, rubbing something hard against her crotch and kissing her like there was no tomorrow.

The pounding on the door was like an electric jolt to the system. Both their bodies seizing into stillness. “Jesse, you still around?”

Elise didn’t have enough wits about her to decipher the voice, but it sounded like a buddy looking for his friend, not an angry overlord come to do Jesse harm.

“Yeah, man. Hold on.”

As Elise’s feet were slowly eased to the floor, Jesse put his finger in front of his lips. Then he untucked his shirt and pulled it down over his shorts, ran a hand through his hair and moved to open the door, essentially keeping Elise behind it.

“Yo, man. You done? Poker at Neil’s. Let’s head over.”

“Go on. I’m just locking stuff up. I’ll be right behind you.”

“Nah, man. I’ll wait. You need help?”

Jesse shook his head from side to side slowly, pursing his lips. Then he enunciated each word precisely. “I do not need any help. Thanks.”

Dead silence.

Finally Elise heard the words, “Ahhh. Really?” The really was said with lilting glee. To the point Elise could practically hear the grin on whoever’s face. “Okay, if you’re sure you can … handle things, I’ll meet you at Neil’s. And, ya know, if anyone asks why you’re late I will conveniently forget that you’re right now standing in the clubhouse, in the dark, not letting me in, and do not need, or dare I say, want my help.”

“’Preciate it, man.” Jesse let the door fall shut.

When he turned to Elise her eyebrows were raised. “Is our cover blown?”


“And why do we have a cover?”

Jesse let a hand run down his face. “I don’t know. You’re sixteen and I’m twenty-one?”

“I’m seventeen. Turned seventeen a couple weeks ago, remember? And you just turned twenty-one.”

“Still. Four years. It’s gonna be a thing people mention when or if we start dating.”

“When or if?” Her brows flew even higher.

“Okay, when,” he said, pulling her into his embrace, hanging his arms loose around her waist and clasping his hands together in the back. Her hands seated themselves firmly on his shoulders.

“Yes, when. And it doesn’t matter to me if we wait until Trophy Night to become official. I’ve already run the idea of us dating by my parents.”

Jesse’s head pulled back. “And what did they say?”

“They said you have good taste.”

He snickered, backed her up against the wall again as he kissed her. “All I know is that you taste damn good.”

“Hmmm,” she hummed against his lips. “What about poker?”

He pulled back, all drowsy-eyed and with a sexy smirk. “To hell with poker. I figure I’m gambling enough right here.”

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