In order to create buzz and bring people back to Henderson, Missy McReady instituted Henderson Happenings, a biweekly e-newsletter sent to everyone who attended the Opening Day Spectacular. After authoring the first few editions, she passed the baton to an unknown source. Snag your copy and see what gossip is floating around Henderson this week.

Henderson Happenings

Henderson Happenings :: Volume 35

Calling Out Brooks Bennett

Let’s face it. Henderson has seen its share of hook-ups and shack-ups happening around town, forcing the Old Guard to realize this generation just does things differently. Unfortunately, their leniency isn’t being offered to our next Mayor.

Your hostess has heard grumbles that the man leading this town into a brighter future ought to be willing to make a commitment to the girl he’s escorting in and out of his home at all hours.

He should put a ring on it, y’all.

~Your Henderson Hostess~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 34

Honeymoon Hindsight

As the old saying goes, When in Rome … but our Keeper of the Debutantes should have heeded her own warning as she has no doubt educated her protégés over the years:
Everybody has a camera in their hand.
If you don’t want topless photos to show up on Twitter or SnapChat, the next time you’re on a beach in the south of France…

Keep your shirts on, y’all.

~Your Henderson Hostess~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 33

What’s Happening in the Coatroom?

It’s a good thing the Devine/James wedding day was mild and sunny. Because lately, it seems that the coatroom at Henderson Country Club is being otherwise occupied. If I saw one couple come out of there disheveled, I saw three. (And I did see three.) It seems that ever since Davis Williams came to town there is love in the air and action in the coatroom. Next time, I’m naming names.


Keep your pants on until you get home, y’all.

~Your Henderson Hostess~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 31

The Outlaw

We are all well aware that Davis Williams has talent. Pink shorts aside, the man can coach lacrosse, close a business deal, and play the drums, all while juggling three bottles of fine wine with one arm tied behind his back.
The man has talent.
As does his friend Jesse James.
One strum from his guitar last night, and women of all ages passed out on the floor.
A reward for whoever can find a way to keep that boy in Henderson, y’all.
~Your Henderson Hostess~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 30

It Has Been Confirmed

Lane Kettering—that tall, gorgeous Oxford High football player who gave our beloved Bulldogs fits during his high school career—is officially dating Henderson’s own Vivi DuVal.

While your Henderson Hostess is tickled to have the opportunity to feast her eyes on that gorgeous hunk of man during his visits home from the University of Notre Dame, I, for one, wonder exactly when this romance blossomed. Every time I ask the couple, I get nothing but stuttering.



Come clean, y’all.

~Your Henderson Hostess~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 28

The Coach

Wedding bells rang throughout Henderson as Oriole’s third base coach, Cooper Crenshaw, and our own beloved Christy-Lynn Brilhart tied the knot last weekend.

Taking advantage of the All-Star break, the couple did nothing but exude happiness all weekend long. The groom was overwhelmed with emotion as the bride walked down the aisle in an original House of DuVal gown. The gown—a gift from the Evans Family for all Christy-Lynn has done for Henderson—was demure in coverage but seductive in silhouette.

Brooks Bennett stood in as best man, replacing Cal Johnson who was busy pitching at the All-Star game. Childhood friends of the bride—repeatedly referred to as Tay-Tay and Pomegranate—served as bridesmaids. 



Congratulations to the very happy couple.

~Your Henderson Hostess~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 27

Fireworks Over the Fourth

You’ve no doubt heard the rumors. 
I’m here to confirm that a wet T-shirt contest was held over the Fourth of July weekend at the Situation. Those sneaky Phi Delts from N.C. State raised so much money for charity last year, why wouldn’t they give it another try?
Only this year, Molly DuVal’s back in Henderson. You know, the girl famous for declaring the human body a work of art? It is widely speculated that Molly has collected her share of Mardi Gras beads. 
I’m not saying Molly single-handedly tripled revenue, but those Phi Delts sure looked happy as they stumbled their way out of the door, cashbox in hand.
Hey, c’mon. It’s for charity, y’all.
~Your Henderson Hostess~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 26


     Jim DuVal and his wife Lori arrived home late last night from their vacation to quite an eyeful. Seven members of Coach Evans’s championship-winning baseball team were caught butt naked in their backyard pool.

Rumor has it this is a repeat of events twelve years ago.



Those players haven’t fallen far from their coach’s tree, y’all.

~Your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 25

Spotted Hand in Hand

       Are my eyes deceiving me or did I actually see our sweet, brilliant Vivi DuVal holding hands with that tall, broad-shouldered, former Wilson Warriors football star, Lane Kettering at the baseball game this afternoon? Yes, the two of them attend the University of Notre Dame but your Henderson Hostess is quite certain the two of them also attended Wilson High together last year. Only she was his teacher.
Stirring the pot, y’all.
~ Your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 24

Playing Around or Fooling Around?

If it weren’t for our dear Scarlett Langford, I’d be more than a bit concerned about what is happening out on Thurgood Watson’s plantation. The man’s never picked up a stick, yet he’s managed to create a top-of-the-line lacrosse field on his property with a designated parking lot to coax friends and family to come out and watch the ladies’ games—seriously? It all seems hunky dory until you notice both Henderson High’s lacrosse coaches can be found on this field night and day, before and after practice or games.


What in the world are those two doing out there, y’all?

~ Your Henderson Hostess wants to know. ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 24

Spring has sprung around Henderson High and all bets are off this year for which sport will draw the biggest crowds. In the past baseball has been king. And last year was no exception with the Bulldogs winning the state championship once again.
So how come I’ve seen cars stacked up on the open field across from the high school while our champs are playing an away game? Could another sport (whose championship last year went unnoticed by all except the players and their parents) be fighting for center stage?
Can you spell lacrosse, y’all?
~ Your Henderson Hostess suggests you check it out. ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 23

The man just keeps on giving.
Google Cal Johnson and the YouTube video of his Henderson singing debut consistently shows up. As if that’s not enough to bring curious baseball enthusiasts to our neck of the woods, the guy bends over backward to shine a light on our beloved town in his recent interview with USA Today.
“Why Henderson, North Carolina?” they asked. His response, “Henderson is where it’s happening. Henderson is where dreams begin and flourish. Henderson is where you want to be if you’ve got an American Dream.”
Put that quote on a plaque, y’all.
All praise Cal Johnson.
~Including your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 22

What’s in a Date?
Apparently a whole lot of angst and anxiety. It’s the topic on everyone’s tongue. When exactly is Annabelle Devine planning to marry that good-looking lawyer from Richmond? It’s all anybody is talking about.

So I’m asking, Miss Keeper of the Debutantes—Henderson’s very own etiquette maven—how long is too long after an engagement to set a wedding date?


What’s the hold up?

~ Your Henderson Hostess truly wants to know, y’all. ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 21

More Girl Power
Word just in. Scarlett Langford isn’t the only female opening multiple businesses on Main Street. I happen to have overheard a conversation at the Mixed Grill that Genevra and Piper Evans are planning to open a Tea Room in conjunction with Henderson’s Big Pipe Plate Shop. There was even some whispers about an internet cooking show.
Your Henderson Hostess wishes all these endeavors well and looks forward to the importation of hunky construction specialists to get all these shops tricked out.
Just sayin’, y’all.
~ Your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 20

The Busiest Girl in Town
Step aside Brooks Bennett.
Step aside Vance Evans and your sidekick Pinks.
Scarlett Langford is back in town and she’s single-handedly returning Main Street to its former glory. She’s starting with a wine shop. Reds. Not only her preferred wine but that’s also the name her boyfriend Pinks calls her.
(Y’all remember that scandal don’t you?)
Rumor has it that Reds will be connected to Swirl, a wine-tasting bar, which will be connected Flights, an upscale restaurant.
Looking forward to the grand opening, y’all.
~ Your Henderson Hostess in the Know ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 19

An Additional Hunk for Henderson
Cal Johnson may not have been born in Henderson. He may not have grown up here, or ever lived here. Heck he may not have even spent more than a couple days at a time here, but the man is hot and famous and don’t get me started on all that hair. If rumors are true that he’s on the cover of our Hunks of Henderson calendar, I for one will not complain.


Sign me up for a dozen, y’all.
~ Your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 18

Have you noticed the professional photographer setting up shots all over town? Your Henderson Hostess had to get a little nosy because nobody is talking. Apparently there’s a big hush-hush project going on here, but I’m digging deep and promise to find out exactly what’s happening.


Enquiring minds want to know, y’all.
~ Your Tireless Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 17

Election Day Looming
Just two more weeks before Mayor Stevens hands over the crown to Brooks Bennett.
(Oh, stop! Like the man’s not gonna win, y’all.)
Just a friendly reminder that votes have to actually be cast and counted for this peaceful exchange of power to take place. (Imagine if Mayor Stevens wins because everyone assumes otherwise.)


Don’t let it happen y’all

~Your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 16

Pipe Dreams
This fall, the premier shopping network, QVC, will be hosting our very own Piper Evans and Molly DuVal as they show the world the marvels of Henderson’s Big Pie Plate. How many pie plates can they sell, you ask? Apparently 250,000. That’s the number QVC wants Molly to create by hand before they go live.


Not gonna happen y’all

~Your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 15

Pink Posse?


Have you heard this term? Apparently several single, Henderson-born young ladies have been deemed the Pink Posse by Team Henderson. Rumor has it they showed up looking to work for Pinks, a.k.a. Davis Williams, after Tansy Langford followed that fiiiine fellow from Dallas out of town.
(I’m sure I don’t need to recap that scandal here, do I?)
Have no fear, my dear Pink Posse. I hear those tall, built, handsome Wright Brothers are making their way back to town. 


Mr. Wright does have a nice ring to it, y’all.

~Your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 14

The Return of the Wright Brothers?


I’m not talking Orville and Wilbur, but five burly brothers who followed the trend and left town. You’d have to be dead not to have noticed that the oldest—the one with the rather notorious reputation—is back. Team Henderson is hoping he’s the start of a Move Back to Henderson trend for all of his brothers.



Let’s hear it for tall and available, y’all!

~Your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 12

House of DuVal Launches


Lolly DuVal and Annabelle Devine are breathing new life into Henderson and one of our old textile mills by revitalizing the space into their House of DuVal workshop. Imagine designer ball gowns and special occasion dresses being created right here in Henderson. Three of our finest seamstresses have been hired and this girly-girl has booked her appointment for a one-of-a-kind.


Who’s throwing the next party, y’all?
~Your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 11

Another One Bites the Dust


While we are still waiting for Annabelle Devine and Duncan James to set a date for their eagerly awaited society-styled wedding, it seems another much-talked-about couple is planning to tie the knot.

Molly DuVal and Josh McCourt announced their engagement during this year’s July 3 Not a Wet T-Shirt Contest Party at the Situation. Molly, who in the past has been notorious for showing skin, only showed off her engagement ring.

Evie Jackson was overheard congratulating the couple and wishing Josh a lot of luck getting Molly to the alter. (You might recall Molly was engaged to Evie’s grandson several years ago.)



Awkward, y’all.

~ Your Henderson Hostess ~

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 10

 Sour Grapes?
Has our next mayor, our golden boy, our chief in all things Ra-Ra Henderson actually been overheard grumbling about Henderson having another championship-winning team? Because, unless you’ve had your head buried in the dugout all spring, you know that our very first men’s lacrosse team won their division championship.

~ Your Henderson Hostess ~

That boy from Baltimore knows how to get it done, y’all.

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 9

The Wild West?
It seems the infamous CC brothers from Dallas can’t stay away from our neck of the woods.
This time it was the rope-totin’, awe-shucks cowboy who was seen breaking all the rules by
wearing his tight-fitting jeans into the Henderson Country Club. (I assure you, none of the
ladies present were offended.) Rumor has it he was looking for the pretty blonde he’d
hustled into the coatroom at his brother’s wedding.
~Your Henderson Hostess~
Troubles brewing, y’all. Stay tuned . . .

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 8

The Start of a Real Estate Boom
A certain tycoon from Dallas appears to be investing in Henderson’s real estate market. After purchasing two homes in order to provide housing for his relocated employees, his sunglass-wearing bride has been seen scurrying in and out of some of our finest houses with an out-of-town realtor. Could the CC of Henderson be tired of staying with his in-laws while in town?
Your Henderson Hostess~
Can’t blame the man, y’all

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 6

Lost and …

Found in the gutter (I am not kidding you) on Main Street. A Book: 365 Sexual Positions. Pages have been earmarked. You lost it and want it back? Harry the bartender has it. I’ve suggested he make the owner identify the earmarked pages to claim it. I won’t be asking for a selfie on this one. But y’all are free to speculate on just whose book it is on Your Henderson Hostess’s Facebook page. I have my suspicions, but a good hostess never tells.

     ~Your Henderson Hostess~
Looks like things are heating up in Henderson y’all

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 5

Yes, Sports Academy

Congratulations to the Bulldogs on their first post season win. And a big Bravo to the huge crowd that drove to Greensboro to support them. Put next Tuesday on your calendar as the Bulldogs head to Chapel Hill to face the defending state champs.
Interested in details regarding the bomb Mayor Stevens dropped last week? Brooks Bennett has been interviewed by McKenna Blakely at the Henderson Daily. He’s spelling out the expected increase in economic growth due to the proposed sports academy. Visit the website for complete details including an artistic rendition of the vision our future mayor, Evans & Evans Investments, and CC Dallas has in mind.

~Your Henderson Hostess~
Totally looks like it will be worth driving in for, y’all.

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 4

Mayor Mayhem

Just when all of Henderson believed we have the one shining star left in the world of politics, our own golden boy Brooks Bennett has let us down. Or has he? If you believe the outsider Marcie Watts, who seems to have a stranglehold on Mayor Stevens and his reelection campaign, Brooks and his bold plans for building a sports academy here in Henderson will be the ruination of Henderson High—Brooks’s own alma mater. Never mind the man is helping Coach Evans take our baseball team into a second consecutive post-season playoff for the state championship. I think I’ll just say Congratulations Bulldogs on an undefeated season and good luck in Greensboro next Friday afternoon.

~ Your Henderson Hostess~
Let’s drive to Greensboro, y’all.


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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 3

Coming up this Memorial Day Weekend

You did not hear this from me …

Scarlett Langford has graduated from Ole Miss and if you give a Rebel Yell in the right direction, I dare say you’ll be able to sneak into the Friday night celebration at Henderson Country Club. (Wear red and royal to blend in.) This Hendersonian is hoping for a glimpse of Scarlett’s famous roommate Natalie Houser and Natalie’s more-than-famous rock-star, rock-out, strike-out boyfriend, major league pitcher Cal Johnson. (The O’s do not have a game scheduled. Coincidence? I think not!)

And on Saturday way out on Major Hunkadoodle-do’s farm, I understand there may be more then cow tipping going on. Henderson’s fashion designer extraordinaire, Lolly DuVal, snared her graduate degree this week and is being celebrated by this town’s future mayor and the entire swanky Evans clan her mamma married into. There is bound to be a police presence considering she’s Brooks Bennett’s girl, but let’s face it. If you can’t finagle your way into a party thrown on a wide open plantation, then you aren’t worth the dirt you were raised on. Am I right?

Don’t forget to post your pictures #HendersonHappenings

~Your Henderson Hostess~

Drive on in, y’all.

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Henderson Happenings :: Volume 2

The rumors have been confirmed …

Henderson’s very own Lewis Kampmueller and Darcy Bennett’s Christmas wedding is being featured in this month’s Town and Country Magazine. With ample press being given to our couture designer Lolly DuVal for her glorious bridesmaids gowns. Get your copy and post a selfie. #HendersonHappenings.

~Your Henderson Hostess~
Drive on in, y’all

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“May the Fourth… Be With You” :: Volume 1

Monday Morning Review

There have never been so many muscles—glorious, bulging, ripped, masculine muscles—gathered in one place in the great state of North Carolina then last Saturday night in Henderson.

No, it wasn’t a Mr. Universe competition. Although I’m now thoroughly committed to bringing one to town after what I witnessed at Thurgood Watson’s Party at the Plantation. If Missy McReady plans to hand out ex-Army Rangers as party favors at all of her events, I will find a way to be on each and every guest list.

I don’t remember what the weather was like but I can tell you it was one hot time. Check out the pictures on my Facebook page while I continue to fan myself over the memories.

~Your Henderson Hostess~
Drive on in, y’all

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