Cut from Underdog

A scene left on the cutting room floor from UnderDog: This scene takes place after one of Missy’s first Team Henderson meetings. Emelina is on a roll doing what she does best. Enjoy!

She discovered Emelina still sitting at the table.

“Why don’t you close the door and sit?” Emelina suggested in a lovely Spanish lilt.

Missy wasn’t sure what she was getting into. She’d only met Vance’s grandmother this morning. Maybe she’d overstepped by assuming she’d be willing to help in the ways Missy had suggested. Davis had assured her The Big Em would be on board with everything, but with the way she was seriously eyeing her up at the moment, Missy was concerned she’d gotten off on the wrong foot. After a brief pause, a few blinks, she turned and closed the door.

“You and our Pinks?” Emelina said, leaving it a question.

“Are good friends?” Missy hedged, unsure of what The Big Em was asking.

“That is all?” the beautiful older woman queried. “Simply friends? Never lovers?”

Missy blushed.

“I’m sorry,” Emelina said. “Forgive my indelicate approach. I am curious, of course. He speaks very highly of you. And you have moved here to work beside him.”

“We’ve known one another for a long time. But only as friends.”

“You would be good for each other, no?”

Missy shrugged, trying really hard not to smile. “I think we’d be good for each other. Yes. Our families are close. My father adores him. His father adores me. We are similar in a lot of ways. Share similar passions. He’s saving me from a terribly boring job back home.” She laughed.    “Already, after one morning, this project is way more satisfying. He knows me well.”

Emelina tilted her head. “Not so well, I think.”

Missy felt the heat blossom throughout her chest and cheeks. I’m too young for a hot flash. This is just sheer mortification.

“Am I that obvious?” she whispered, horrified.

Emelina waved a beautifully manicured hand sporting an antique diamond ring in her direction. “Men are notoriously oblivious to the subtleties around them. Our dear boy, Davis came to Henderson looking for love and I’m afraid he’s found it in the form of hard work and purpose. He reminds me of my Hale that way. He’s put blinders on and keeps his head down from what I can tell. Not good for someone so young. I think you will be good for him.”

“He’s got a lot of balls in the air,” Missy said allowing all her doubts to surface.

Emelina shrugged. “So, learn to juggle. Only do it with fire.”

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