Cut from Mr. Wrong

Heart to heart between Mayor Clint Stevens and Marcie Watts

(a.k.a. Viper.)

“Brooks Bennett is smarter than he looks,” Marcie told Clint as they drove toward Raleigh for the weekend. “He called me out at the ballgame yesterday.”

“I told you. Baseball is sacred.” Clint took up her hand and gave it a squeeze. “He called and barked in my ear about you being there.”

“Did he?”

“Of course he did.”

“Well, what did he say?”

Clint simply shrugged.

Marcie felt her insides deflate. She turned her head from Clint and considered as she watched the highway roll under them. Finally she said. “If Brooks told you I was in this for revenge, he’s not wrong.”

“Hmm. Look who else is a straight shooter.” Clint shot her a little smile and another hand squeeze.

“I’m not happy about Coach Crenshaw essentially leaving me at the altar, and yes, I’m totally blaming Brooks and his sidekick for luring him down here and throwing his old flame in front of him. So, payback’s a bitch… you know?”

Find out how far Viper is willing to go in Mr. Wright releasing on
October 24, 2017.

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