Harry’s Happy Hour

Harry’s Happy Hour

“Ah, here’s Harry—the club’s favorite bartender. Isn’t he cute? I think he’s in his mid-twenties, although I’ve never asked. He’s sort of a legend around here. I’ll introduce you and, trust me, he’ll know your drink or that it’s your birthday or give you some secret advice that will just seem off the wall but will eventually turn out to be just what you needed to hear. I haven’t figured him out. Vance Evans insists he’s magic. All I know is, I count on him to help me handle over-served patrons, minor skirmishes, and the occasional dust-up at the club.”


Who’s Chatting with Harry?

Harry’s Happy Hour

Mary Hellems contacted Harry in September:

“Hi Harry, When is your story coming out? It’s time someone snatched you up.”

Hi Mary,

Thanks for checking in with the guy behind the bar. I’m sorry I’ve been slow to respond, summer is a busy season here at Henderson Country Club and you know how these people like their cocktails, their wine coolers, and of course their tequila.

So you think it’s about time someone snatched me up, huh? I couldn’t agree with you more. I had my eye on McKenna Blakely for a minute, but then her old flame resurfaced. I’m not sure that’s going to stick, but I’m pretty sure she’s not the girl Liz has in mind for me. You may have noticed I’m pretty good at predicting the future for everyone else, but when it comes to me, I’ve got nothing. What I can tell you is that Liz and I had a long talk after Mr. Wright Now came out, and she has promised me my own book. (Because let’s face, this bartender has fans.)

But when I snuck a look at the MacBook Air she left unattended on my bar, it seems my book may be a ways down the list. Because she’s working on something called Rock Star right now (which, yeah, I might be a rock star behind this bar but I’m guessing that’s not me.)  Then she’s got the title All Star written down, which again—not me. Then there’s the Cowboy and then the Outlaw and finally something that might just fit yours truly. Magic Man!

Clearly she’s saving the best for last.


Harry the Bartender

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