Bad Cop Excerpt
Book 2 :: Heroes of Henderson Series

“Piper,” he said quietly, stepping in close and causing her to look up at him. “When you check your phone tonight, there are going to be three messages from me. And when you hear them,” he said, gently cupping her cheeks between his palms, “I want you to remember that this is what I was trying to say.”

Piper saw him lean down, her eyes fluttering shut just before she felt his lips touch hers. Tenderly, he kissed her lips with exquisite slowness, such gentleness, as if she was precious and important, something to be savored and appreciated. As if there was nothing more enticing than the bow of her top lip or the plumpness of her bottom one. His kiss was delicate, unhurried, and full of emotion. She simply followed the flow of it, kissing him back, basking in the feel of his hands on her cheeks, the softness of his touch. Her entire focus was on the feel of him against her lips and face, until he drew his mouth over her cheek.

“Cut Danny Boy loose,” he whispered against her ear, sending chills down her spine. “Call me when it’s done.”




Bad Cop Excerpt






“I laughed and laughed and loved and got little teary eyed, too. All the best elements rolled into one.” ~Diane M.


Bad Cop Excerpt

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