Mr. Wright Now
Book 6 :: Heroes of Henderson Series

Jinx Davenport is certain “adulting” will be easier than her first twenty-one years on the planet and, dear Lord please, far more satisfying. She may have a mild obsession with the town of Henderson, but it’s led to an opportunity with the potential to change everything for Jinx. On the way to the interview—make that her dream job interview—satisfaction reveals itself in the form of one golden-haired Southern boy, wearing an eager grin and a backward ball cap.

So far Henderson is shaping up to be exactly as advertised.

Jaxon Wright is certain no grown-ass man should be subjected to moving back in with his folks. But after his NASCAR dream dies a quick and merciless death, he’s back sharing living quarters with the bossiest of his four older brothers. Still, even hungover and dejected, his head isn’t stuck so far up his ass that he doesn’t realize the cute-as-shit, wannabe librarian has a secret.

A big one.

And Jaxon is exactly the guy to seduce it out of her.

Yes, ma’am. Mr. Wright Now, at your service.



All the books in the Heroes of Henderson Series are complete romances. They do not need to be read in order, but it might be more fun that way as characters continue to show up in Henderson in big ways and small.






“Liz continues to captivate me! Henderson is my new favorite series and I would love to live there. Revisiting the characters is like coming home, and when new characters are introduced, it just gets better.” ~ Good Reads reader Vickie Raynor

Mr. Wright Now

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